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Affiliate entities are an important part of the campus public safety community. They include groups such as federal agencies, associations serving institutions of higher education, and professional and nonprofit organizations. We have compiled a list of these affiliates, listed alphabetically, for your easy reference.  This is a "living list" that will continue to grow and expand over time. We encourage you to regularly visit this list for updates.

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HazingPrevention.Org is a national organization dedicated to empowering people to prevent hazing by providing education and resources and building partnerships with others.


Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Drug Misuse Prevention and Recovery (HECAOD)

HECAOD is an alcohol and drug misuse prevention and recovery resource for colleges and universities across the nation. HECAOD is a joint collaboration between The Ohio State University’s College of Social Work, College of Pharmacy, Office of Student Life, Generation Rx Initiative and Collegiate Recovery Community. The mission of the center is to help college and community leaders develop, implement and evaluate programs and policies aimed at reducing drug and alcohol misuse, and improve collegiate recovery services.


Higher Education Mental Health Alliance (HEMHA)

HEMHA's mission is to provide leadership through a partnership of organizations to advance college mental health.  Through focus on advocacy actions, policy development and review, practice dissemination, and the promotion of research across the mental health continuum, HEMHA is committed to advancing mental health throughout the realm of higher education and improving student recruitment, retention and learning outcomes.


Higher Education Protection Network (HEPNet)

HEPNet seeks to advance the interactions of higher education institutions with children and youth. They serve as a coordinated voice promoting good practices for protecting vulnerable populations and providing programming and resources appropriate to their needs. On their website, HEPNet provides resources and educational opportunities to the general public on research related to youth in higher ed programming. Beginning in 2014, HEPNet has held an annual conference.


Historically Black Colleges and Universities Law Enforcement Executives and Administrators (HBCU-LEE

HBCU-LEEA's mission is to protect and secure all students, faculty, staff and guests of all HBCU institutions; to provide and share data that ensures quality law enforcement and security response to campus incidents; to comply with the Jeanne Clery Act; to provide protective programs and training to HBCU–LEEA members; and to maintain the highest standards in promoting security and law enforcement for all HBCUs.


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