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You Have Options Program Presentation Slide

April 07 2016

You Have Options: An Overview of the National Law Enforcement Sexual Assault Reporting Program

Led by law enforcement professionals working in partnership with victim advocates and experts in the field of sexual assault response and prevention, the aim of the You Have Options Program (YHOP) is to make the law enforcement response to sexual assault more effective. Specifically, YHOP focuses on changing two fundamental elements in the law enforcement response to sexual violence: increasing the number of victims who report to law enforcement and thoroughly investigating identified offenders for serial perpetration.

Presentation on Including International Incidents in Campus All-Hazard Emergency Response Plans

February 16 2016

Adding International Incidents to Your Campus All-Hazard Emergency Response Plans

In this webinar, Pascal Schuback, former Global Emergency Manager at the University of Washington and Director at Humanitarian Toolbox, discusses the essential elements needed to expand your campus all-hazard emergency response plan to include international incidents.

Archived Webinar: Behavioral Threat Assessment on College Campuses

December 01 2015

Behavioral Threat Assessment on Campus: What You Need to Know

Does your campus have the ability to address threatening behavior from students, employees, or external sources? Does your process meet current best practices for campus violence prevention? In this webinar, Dr. Marisa Randazzo provides an overview of best practices in campus threat assessment, components of effective campus threat assessment programs, and steps in the threat assessment process to guide your campus to success.

Creating Community Partnerships to Manage Off-Campus Student Conduct

November 10 2015

Managing External Relations and Off-Campus Conduct

This presentation features four engaging speakers from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond, VA. These experienced public safety officials discuss managing external relations and off-campus conduct and how the VCU Police Department has worked strategically with campus partners such as neighboring community and student groups, property-owners, local police, and city stakeholders to address the issues.

Using Social Media Threat Alerts as Part of a School's Safety and Security Strategy

September 22 2015

The Implications of Social Media on Campus Safety and Security: The Role of Social Media Threat Alerts

In this webinar, Dr. Gary J. Margolis, co-founder of Margolis Healy and president & CEO of Social Sentinel, Inc., explores the role and impact of social media on campus safety and security. Specifically, Dr. Margolis discusses how the proliferation of social media has changed the way students, faculty and staff communicate and the unique challenges this creates for those charged with the safety and security of college campuses including police, campus public safety, counseling services, residential life, threat assessment teams, student affairs, and others.

Presentation on Best Practices for Sports and Special Event Security Planning

August 18 2015

Sports and Special Event Security Planning: Best Practices

Richard Morman, CPP, CSSP - Independent Consultant and Deputy Chief of Police (Retired), The Ohio State University identifies best practices for safely and effectively managing large on-campus events.

A Proactive Approach to Student Tailgating on Campus

June 23 2015

Best Fans In America: Working to Change the Culture of College Football Tailgating

Kim Dude, Director, Wellness Resource Center, University of Missouri explains the essentials of managing tailgating. Tailgating at football games is a college tradition. Tailgating can be fun and truly enhance the fan experience. However, all too often high risk drinking during tailgating can result in alcohol poisoning, violence and vandalism. The University of Missouri has taken a proactive approach to problematic tailgating.

Key Issues in Campus Public Safety Webinar Presentation

May 28 2015

Framing Three Key Issues in Campus Public Safety

In this webinar, national experts discuss three essential topics in campus public safety: trauma-informed sexual assault investigation, presented by Thomas R. Tremblay; behavioral threat assessment, presented by Dr. Marisa Randazzo; and fair and impartial policing, presented by Steven J. Healy.

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